there is a story behind every book


A reading campaign is like a test screening for movies, but for books. Data-smart authors and publishers create better books, which means happier readers. Your reading data can make a difference!

Jellybooks helps authors and publishers understand if their books resonate with readers and what kind of reader the book appeals to. Not every reader likes every book equally.

Jellybooks collects data through test reading campaigns: We send you and a group of like-minded readers a free ebook to enjoy at your leisure. You can open and read the ebook(s) with a wide range of supported reading apps while at home or on the move. You don't even have to be online while reading, meaning you can read on the subway, on the plane or at the beach. Our ebooks are different though from other books. They have been specially modified to record your reading data.

The duration of a test reading campaign is between four and six weeks, so you have adequate time to finish the book, but some of our test readers actually finish their books the same day they receive them. These are the real power readers!

During the test reading campaign, we observe if you open the book, if you finish it, if you devour it in a single sitting or if you struggle with the content, because it's too tedious. We also collect data such as time-of-day when you read, what device you use for reading and how you progress through the book.

Most of the time, we test books that have not yet been published. Occasionally though, we test books that are already out in hardback and are about to be issued in paperback or where the publishers simply wants to find out how readers engage with the book to decide on a sequel or similar.

The same book can have many different covers depending on where it is being published (US or UK, Australia or South Africa, India or China and so on). Sometimes even the book title and description change. Thus you might find that the version we send you is different from the edition you see on Amazon or Goodreads. Sometimes your friends might even get a different variation from the one we send you. That's normal and part of our efforts to understand how to make books better.