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All ebooks distributed by Jellybooks whether they are Advance Reading Copies (ARCs), complimentary review copies, ebook samples or retail copies are subject to copyright unless we state explicitly that they are out of copyright (which are certain "classics" that were written 70 years or more ago). Just because the ebooks we provide are free does not mean that you are allowed to share them. You are not permitted to copy, print or share the books or ebook samples you receive from Jellybooks.

On the other hand, please do encourage you friends, spouse or partners to join a test reading campaign and claim their own test reading copy, if they would like to read the book as well. There is usually a period of 30 days during which interested participants can sign up.

Most of the ebooks distributed by Jellybooks contain digital watermarks in addition to the Jellybooks tracking software that records your reading behavior and adds a unique identifier to each book. Digital watermarks allow us to trace the source of a book that is being available on download sites or other piracy sites to the original recipient.

Jellybooks reserves the right to expel and delete the account of anybody caught breaking the rules. The author has invested a lot of time and effort in writing the book, so please respect their copyright. It is a right granted to them by law in essentially all countries and jurisdictions across the world.