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Free ebooks

We offer free ebooks in exchange for your reading data. The books are provided free of charge by our Sponsors (either the author or the publisher). All you need to do in return is to click a button at the end of each chapter to send us your reading data.

Early Access

Most of our ebooks are available weeks, even months prior to publication date. That means you can read them before anybody else is able to buy them. Why? Well these test reading campaigns are like test screenings for movies, but for books.


Our free ebooks are available exclusively to registered Jellybooks users. You get them only here.

Help Authors and Publishers

Be Heard!

In the past authors and publishers had no idea if the books they sold were read. Jellybooks is changing that. Authors and publishers are now listening and paying attention to you, based on the data and feedback you send us.

Make a Difference!

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Your data and feedback helps create better books and ensures that the next Harry Potter does not get overlooked.

Better Book Discovery

Help Jellybooks connect you to the perfect book. Your reading data is helping us with building a world-class match making system between books and readers.

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Understand your reading style

How do you read?

See a calendar view of your own reading time by day, week or month. When do you read? How many breaks do you make? Do you get frequently distracted from reading?

Your Reading Style?

Compare how you read different books and get to know yourself a bit better. Compare your reading style with others. Explore your inner bookworm.

See all the data!

Get to see all the data we collect. No hidden tracking. Total transparency.

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