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We have a special kind of book candy for readers.

Jellybooks offers you, the reader, ebooks free-of-charge from leading publishers. These are Advance Readings Copies (ARCs) that are made available as ebook for test reading purposes. In many cases these will be available to you even before they are released to the general public.

In return, we ask that you help us understand how you read books. This is really simple: read the ebook we provide and at the end of each chapter click the "sync reading stream" button in return for receiving the free ebook. You may also choose to write a review, but this is entirely optional. We are primarily interested in your reading data.

The data Jellybooks receives will be evaluated on behalf of the author and publisher to help them better understand the audience for specific titles and how people read them. How many readers finish the book? Where do readers give up on a book, if they don’t like it? Which chapters are particularly popular or difficult? Do you read on weekdays or weekends, in short bursts or long reading sessions? Are these books that you simply cannot put down or books that you lose interest in after a few chapters? Help us answer these and other questions, so that authors and publishers can better serve you, the reader.

Do you feel uneasy about somebody being able to see your reading data? In that case, please do not participate in these reading tests and simply buy the book as a physical copy in a book shop.

Have you already received an invite to one of our reading tests? In that case just register or log-in to Jellybooks and download your complimentary advance reading copies.

Not received an invite yet? Just fill in the form below and we will send you an invite when we have a matching test reading program starting in your country.

You can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time and sign-up does not constitute an obligation to participate in any of the test reading campaigns and you are under no obligated to downlaoad or finish reading a book that you do you do not find interesting. Life is too short for that.

Note: Subscribing to the Jellybooks newsletter does not constitute registration or log-in with the Jellybooks service. Please click the “cupcake“ symbol in the upper right hand corner to register or log-in with Jellybooks.

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