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Sending Data

Jellybooks offers you free ebooks and in return, we ask that you send us your reading data and provide us with your opinion of the book.

All you need to do to send us reading data is to click on the "Sync reading stream" button when online. This purple button is found at the end of most chapters and at the end of the book. If you are not online, you can simply click one of the buttons the next time you are online. No data will be lost as a result because reading data is stored locally on your device until it can be transmitted. The purple button will change to "thank you" when you have successfully submitted the data and you can check that we have actually received the data by visiting "My Data" icon on

All the data is stored locally on the device. Data is recorded even if you are on a plane, on the subway or for any other reason have no Internet connection.

You don't need to click every "sync reading stream" button. There is no harm done if you skip one or more. The primary purpose of having a button at the end of each chapter is to collect the data in real-time and make sure we have all the data, if you decide to give up on the book midstream, forget the book, or for some other reasons don't reach the end of the book.

The important thing is that you click the button at least once after you have finished reading, irrespective of whether you have finished or abandoned the book. There is no obligation to finish the book. On the contrary, we would like you to read the book as normally as possible. Pretend, we didn't give you a free book.

You can also read the book on more than one device. We are able to stitch together the reading stream from two or more devices to create one coherent picture. However, if you lose the device, break it up in a furnace, feed it to your dog or do something else to the poor gadget before clicking the purple button then we will not be able to receive retrieve the data. We can't perform miracles. This is one of the reasons why we encourage you to click the button after the end of each chapter. Life is full of surprises after all. Just remember to click the purple "sync reading stream" button after you finished reading on the particular gadget.