Jellybooks Publisher Services

data-smart publishing and marketing tools


Jellybooks has developed a global reputation for its ground-breaking work developing reader analytics and audience insight tools for publishers.

Our data-smart services have been used by a wide range of UK, US, Scandinavian and German publishers, including Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Pan Macmillan, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, MIT Press, Droemer Knaur, Fischer, Piper, Ullstein, and Egmont, as well as independent publishers such as Atlantic Books, Birlinn, Faber & Faber, Graffegg, Icon Books, and Vertebrate Publishing.

We combine our data and analytics expertise with in-depth knowledge of third party ePub reading systems and our in-house Jellybooks Cloud Reader and technology platform to deliver cutting-edge services to publishers.

We help with:

  • Book discoverability with our “peek inside” tool for content samples which is used by retailers and publishers alike.
  • Narrative books, illustrated books and audiobooks through our unified online content delivery platform leveraging the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.
  • Understanding the various touch points along the reader’s journey from discovery to book purchase.
  • In-depth audience testing to determine positioning a book.
  • A/B testing of cover, description, blurb or title.
  • Enriching email and social media campaigns with click & read content samples and optimizing media spend by tracking open rates, reading engagement and conversion to purchase by link and channel.
  • Generating reviews and advance reader quotes.
  • Enhancing publisher’s sales communications with the trade and rights information for foreign publishers with our interactive, online rights catalogue with integrated sample and review copy links.

Jellybooks PREVIEW

  • Jellybooks PREVIEW helps book publishers increase pre-orders for upcoming book releases with content samples that require no app to be installed and no file to be downloaded. Jellybooks PREVIEW offers readers a simple “click & read” experience for excerpts and snippets.
  • With Jellybooks PREVIEW publishers can showcase and share pre-publication excerpts and snippets on their own websites, email newsletter or social media channels in the run up to publication date.
  • Jellybooks PREVIEW samples can also be distributed through our Jellybooks DISCOVERY platform to bookshops and media partners for increased visibility and additional pre-orders.
  • Jellybooks PREVIEW samples are an essential tool for all book marketing and publicity campaigns. They come with in-depth publisher analytics and can also be used to build a mailing list by using our content gate to ask readers to enter their email before more sample content is unlocked.
  • For a brief introduction and to claim your free offer for up to five books visit our Jellybooks PREVIEW intro page, or for an in-depth description of the service, its features, as well as detailed pricing, navigate to the Jellybooks PREVIEW product description for publishers.

Jellybooks DISCOVERY

  • Jellybooks DISCOVERY is our cross-industry platform built for publisher’s and retailer’s sales teams. Publishers can use Jellybooks DISCOVERY to promote their entire front- and back catalogue and provide additional touch points to hook readers with great content and stimulate them into buying more book both in print and digital.
  • Jellybooks DISCOVERY allows readers to “peek inside” books with a single click on smartphone, tablets and a wide range of connected devices. We make opening an ebook as easy as viewing a YouTube video.
  • Samples help sell books and Jellybooks is an indispensable tool for any publisher or bookshop sales team.
  • Our retail partners are Blackwell’s Books and many independent high street bookshops including Bookish, Forum Books, Golden Hare books, Kew Books, and Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights.
  • For a brief introduction and to claim your free offer, visit our Jellybooks DISCOVERY introductory page. Alternatively, for an in-depth description of the unique service features and detailed pricing, check out Jellybooks DISCOVERY product description for publishers.

Jellybooks RADAR

  • Jellybooks RADAR is our classical “reader analytics” service, as featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, and The Bookseller.
  • Jellybooks RADAR is an affordable service for publishers to test books, with audiences of 300 to 800 readers strong and collect detailed audience insights both before and after publication. The service provides an in-depth analysis of how readers take to a book, how engagement varies by gender, age, their TV viewing habits, giving a complete picture of target audiences.
  • Our premium version supports A/B testing of covers, descriptions, blurbs and titles helping you understand audience demographics, develop comparisons, and detailed audience insights. Discover the power of Jellybooks RADAR and how other publishers are using it to create bestsellers.
  • For a brief introduction and to claim your free offer to test one book for free, visit our Jellybooks RADAR introductory page. For a more detailed description click through to our Jellybooks RADAR product page for an in-depth description of the service, the range of features for the standard and premium version, as well as detailed pricing.