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Joining a Test Reading Campaign



Invitations to participate in a Jellybooks test reading campaign are sent out by email, either by Jellybooks or by our Sponsor, who is usually the author or publisher of the book. Make sure you are on the Jellybooks mailing list so you don't miss out on an invite! You can also follow us on Facebook for alerts about upcoming test reading campaigns.


Check if you can use a supported reading app

To participate in a test reading campaign, you will need to be able to use one of the ebook reading applications supported by Jellybooks. These are iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions, Bookshelf by Vitalsource and several Android reading apps. All the reading apps supported by Jellybooks are listed here along with download links, if you want to install one of the apps.

Unfortunately, we cannot support all gadgets and apps, and Kindles are definitely out. We know that's a real bummer, but technically it is a "no can do" for us, at least for now.

We would like to note that it is possible to read some of the ebooks we send out on Nook, Tolino and other ebook reading app that support only ePub2, but that does not mean we actually receive any reading data from these apps or devices. As a result, we, the author and the publisher end up empty handed when you utilize an unsupported app or device. If you don't see a purple sync button at the end of a chapter (except after chapters with fewer than 5 pages) then chances are that something is amiss. There is an easy way to check, though. You can click the "My Data" icon on to see if we have received any data from you (usually takes a couple of seconds to ten minutes).