New Online Peek-Inside Service for Booksellers

Have you ever noticed that readers are more likely to get hooked on a book and purchase it when they are able to peek inside and sample the book?

Ever wished you could employ something similar to Amazon’s “look inside” on your own webpages?

Would you like free access to the same kind of digital tools used by Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo to better compete with them and level the playing field?


Increase both pre-orders and sales of signed copies, special editions, and major releases with your own “peek inside” feature giving readers access to the first ten percent of a book’s content.

Use it on your webpages and send out samples and excerpts to customers as part your email newsletter or social media posts thanks to the “peek inside” and “click & read” features of the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.


Enrich your product pages with our Jellybooks Peek Inside web modals that allow readers to click and read a sample or excerpt, directly on your website. There is no middleman and no intermediary between you and the customer. The reader never leaves your site and there are no affiliate links.

Make your email newsletters and social media posts more engaging and interactive with sample links. One click and customers can start reading a sample on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

With no app to install and no file to download, access is easy and simple for your customers!

Developed with Booksellers for Booksellers

The Jellybooks DISCOVERY and PREVIEW platform was developed in partnership with Batch, Blackwell’s, and The Booksellers Association to create a more exciting discovery and shopping experience for readers.

It’s Free for all Bookshops!

The tools are free to use for booksellers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The Jellybooks DISCOVERY and PREVIEW platform is supported by book publishers, Arts Council England and Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

Jellybooks is a UK-based company registered at 19 Villa Road, Brixton, London SW9 7ND with Company House number 7503460 and VAT registration number GB-128-7769-67.

Jellybooks is an associate member of the following industry associations:

This service was developed with financial support from Innovate UK and Arts Council England.