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Choosing Your Book(s)

Geographical Restrictions

The majority of Jellybooks test reading campaigns are restricted to a particular country or group of countries because the publisher only has the right to publish, sell and distribute the book in those particular geographic areas (known as "territorial publishing rights"). Unfortunately participation will be closed to you, if you reside in a country where the test reading campaign is not available. If at all possible, we do endeavour to make the book available to anyone in the world.

Choosing Your Book

There is a dedicated page for each test reading campaign listing the titles on offer along with the cover and a brief book description. Your invite will contain a link to this page. The campaign may be for a single book or for a selection of up to 20 book titles. You can choose two titles, if more than five books are being tested, else your choice is restricted to one single book. You can change your selection at any time until you click the "submit selection" button, but once you click the "confirm selection" button, your selection is final. We won't be able to change it any longer, even if you ask us.