Jellybooks RADAR for publishers

reader analytics, engagement data, and audience insights

Jellybooks RADAR provides affordable, market research to publishers of fiction and narrative non-fiction that helps target audiences and grow sales, thanks to clear, actionable data and insights.

Publishers receive detailed audience insights about individual books through reader analytics and audience research gathered from reader panels of up to 800 participants, along with detailed demographic segmentation by gender, age, reading and TV viewing habits.

1. Intuitive and actionable audience insights

  • Test audience interest for debut authors new to the market, as well as established authors, to confirm market positioning and estimate potential demand.
  • Use reading and engagement data to understand why the sales numbers for a hardback have not met expectations and figure out how to reposition and improve cover, title and description for the paperback (re)launch.
  • Use A/B testing to identify the cover that pulls in readers, set the right expectation, connect with readers and maximise the word-of-mouth potential. Readers not only judge books by their cover, covers also greatly influences if a book is recommended!

Jellybooks RADAR provides a low cost method to test and find the widest audience.

2. Data-smart marketing and precision targeting

  • Establish comparables across movies, Netflix and TV shows and generate in-depth insights into the core audience that will engage strongly with a book and is likely to evangelise about the book.
  • Identify the core demographics and audience for a book using our engagement KPI’s to optimally position the book in the marketplace. Make your marketing and publicity budget stretch further by understanding whom to target and whom not!
  • Use the one- or two-sentence descriptions from readers who finish a book on how they would recommend your book to friends. These mini descriptions are ideal for use in social media marketing and pitching books to the trade.

Optimise cover, title, description and positioning with a data-smart approach.

3. Strategic Alignment through Reader Centricity

  • Use detailed reader engagement data to ensure a clear strategic consensus for the editorial, marketing and publicity teams on cover, positioning and audience for both an author and the book.
  • Reader feedback also provides insight into why some combinations of cover, description, positioning and content are successful while other combinations are not.
  • Use the data and insights to align internal strategy and set the direction for future acquisitions and publishing plans.

Use data and audience insights to align internal teams an optimise your strategy.

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