Jellybooks PREVIEW for Publishers

pre-publication samples to peek inside books almost anywhere

Publishers can increase pre-orders for upcoming book releases with online samples. There is no app to install and no file to download. Readers can access the digital excerpts and snippets with a simple “click & read” online experience using a smartphone, tablet or connected device.

Jellybooks PREVIEW allows publishers to showcase pre-publication book samples in the run up to publication date and stimulate pre-orders through publisher’s, book retailer’s and media partner’s websites, newsletters, social media and — leveraging QR codes — point-of-sale material.

Jellybooks PREVIEW samples are an essential tool for any book marketing and publicity campaigns.

1. Samples, excerpts and snippets to drive pre-orders

  • Boost pre-orders and first-week sales by engaging readers with free sample content that stimulates readers to pre-order the book.
  • Offer readers instant access to samples on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and connected devices.
  • Increase visibility and engagement on any websites featuring books with “peek-inside” web modals.

Samples are a proven tool for increasing sales.

2. Improved Visibility and Discoverability across Bookshops and Media Partners

  • Developed in partnership with Blackwell’s and leading independent bookshops.
  • Tailored for each retailer and bookshop partner with click & read samples that feature bookshop-specific buy buttons.
  • Bespoke QR codes, featuring PREVIEW samples, incorporated into bookmarks, in-store posters, window decals and other point-of-sale material to improve discoverability and pre-orders.

Increase your pre-orders through media partners & independent bookshops.

3. Improve Online Presence and Social Media Campaign Effectiveness .

  • Click & read preview samples, excerpts and snippets include integrated pre-order and buy buttons.
  • Easy-to-use links allow authors and their agents to integrate “click & read” access to book samples as part of their own website, blog, email newsletter or social media activity.
  • Receive detailed engagement analytics for monitoring campaign performance in real-time.

Optimise media spend and grow your sales by being data-smart!

Bonus Features

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