Jellybooks Guidance for Publishers

Setting-up a Jellybooks account

Jellybooks will create a publisher account and send you an invite to use the service. Once you accept this, you also accept the terms and conditions of Jellybooks and gain access to the “Candy” section of the Jellybooks site through the © icon in the navigation menu.

The Candy section is where you submit assets, access links, approve requests and view data and analytics.

Submission of Content

Content is submitted via the Candy publisher dashboard. To gain access log-into your publisher account and click on © icon in the Jellybooks navigation menu.

Supported Formats

Jellybooks services support narrative books, illustrated books, and audiobooks.

Unsure what content you hold? If you are submitting an ebook to Apple and Amazon and the format is not pdf, then it is almost certainly re-flowable or fixed layout ePub.

We are considering adding support to enable us to host Graphic Novels in the DiViNa format if there is significant demand. Please contact us, if interested.

Metadata requirements

In addition to the eBook file, we require high-resolution cover art imagery, details of the title, author and imprint, Thema codes, together with the ISBN and publication date, plus any territorial restrictions if applicable.

How do allowances work?

Allowances are for one year from the start date of the contract until the next annual renewal date. Publishers can upload and submit files up to their allowance limit. A publisher can add to their annual allowance at any time by contacting Jellybooks.

If a publisher upgrades to a higher plan during a year, a supplementary bill will be generated for the price difference on a pro-rata basis reflecting the remaining period in the year. The contract will then continue and renew, unless cancelled, at the higher allowance.

How do territorial restrictions work?

Publishers can set territorial restriction for Preview availability, as required, through the Preview creation process in the Jellybooks Candy dashboard.

Territorial restrictions are enforced based on the IP address of the user’s device. If the user, as identified by accessing IP address, is located outside the territory in which the book is available, access is blocked. This also applies to users who travel from a country where the book is accessible to one where it is not accessible.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my Plan?

Your new allowance and pricing will be charged pro rata, if changed at any point in the year, and an invoice or credit for the difference will be issued.

What happens if I made a mistake in submitting my assets?

Contact Jellybooks as soon as you know, and we’ll endeavour to help correct any mistakes.