Publisher’s Guide to Jellybooks DISCOVERY

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DISCOVERY User Guide and Technical Specifications

Setting-up an Account

To use the service, Jellybooks will create a VIP account for you and send you a VIP invite. By accepting this VIP invite, you accept the terms and conditions of Jellybooks and gain access to the “Candy” section of the Jellybooks site through the © icon in the navigation menu. You can submit assets via the Candy section, as well as access links, approve requests and view data and analytics.

Submission of Content

Content can be submitted (in small volumes) via the Candy dashboard. This is the ideal path for publishers with only handful of titles with a small number of updates.

For larger volumes you can choose to either send us your files and ONIX feed through a digital asset distributor (DAD) such as Ingram Coresource, Faber Factory, Gardner’s, Versa Bookwire or similar.

Alternatively you are also welcome to use our Jellybooks API for submitting content (the same API used by DADs). We will be happy to provide you with API keys on request.

Supported Formats

The Jellybooks DISCOVERY service supports narrative books, illustrated books and audiobooks.

Narrative books need to be submitted as ePUB 3 files.

Illustrated books should be uploaded in ePUB 3 fixed layout (FXL) format. PDF files cannot be accepted.

Audiobooks should be submitted as MP3 files with each chapter a separate file.

Graphic novels are not yet supported, but we are considering adding support for graphic novels in the DiViNa format. Please contact us, if interested.

Meta Data

The Jellybooks DISCOVERY service supports narrative books, illustrated books and audiobooks.

In addition to the ebook file, we require a high-resolution version of the book cover, details of the title, author and imprint, Thema codes (Genre), as well as the ISBN and publication date (pub date), plus any territorial restrictions if applicable.

For bulk submission we accept ONIX 3.0 feeds either from publishers directly or from third party digital asset distributors (DAD).

Reader Registration

Readers can sample, read or listen to excerpts and snippets anonymously. We use a randomly generated session id to enable the recording of user’s (anonymous) reading data whilst ensuring the integrity of reading sessions and associated reading data. For more detail, see our privacy and data processing policies.

As part of our “read later” feature, readers have the option to register or sign-in to add a sample, to their cloud reader. This allows readers to store and retrieve samples across retailers and publishers providing readers with a single repository of all the books they have been sampling (their personal cloud library).

Accessibility Support

The Jellybooks Cloud Reader was built with accessibility in mind and we continuously improve and enhance our reading experience for all readers, whether they are fully able, dyslexic, have a motor impairment, atypical colour perception (“colour blind”), reduced eyesight (older readers), are partially sighted or even fully blind. We aim to ensure that no reader or reviewer is left out and adhere wherever possible to WCAG/WAI-ARIA guidance. For more details see our pages on the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.

Note that from June 2025 digital services and products in the EU need to be fully accessible and comply with relevant EU directives. Other countries have different timelines with regards to the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty.