there is a story behind every book

Jellybooks Vision

We believe in making better books, but above all else we believe in connecting in books with readers. We strive to make the perfect literary match.

There are no “bad books” or “good” books, only books that could be improved to better engage their audience.

With more than one million books being published every year, connecting books and readers is getting more challenging.

As reader, we are overwhelmed by choice. We would like it to be easier to discover and find those literary gems that will delight, entertain, inform and inspire us. 

Authors on the other hand feel like they don’t stand out and are inviable to their potential readers.

At Jellybooks, we believe that by better understanding the readers engaged with books, that we can help:

  • Authors and publishers create better books
  • Better identify who their readers are and connect with their audience, thus making their books more discoverable
  • Help readers discover the books that will truly delight them

Our ambition is to build Turning’s library, a library so advanced it kind of knows what you want to read even though your reading preferences and choices are unique to you and different from that of everything else. WE all like books, but we don’t all like exactly the same books. This is the challenge we have set us and we think the key to unlocking this vision si to better understand how we read and that is why have created reader analytics , a platform for better understanding how we read.