there is a story behind every book

Team Jellybooks

The People who built Jellybooks:

Andrew Rhomberg, founder, product manager and spokes-person for Jellybooks. He also has the unenviable task of negotiating with publishers worldwide, which requires the patience of a saint, which he ain’t.

Andy Roberts, co-founder and master of the Jellyfactory puts Willy Wonka to shame. At the Jellyfactory, he supervises the receipt of ebook master files from publishers before the Jellybooks candy wrapper is applied. Covers and tasty ebooks are then distributed from the Jellyfactory to readers, ideally in milliseconds.

Jeff Abrahamson, co-founder and ex Googler. Jeff is not only the oldest member of team, but also our resident machine-learning expert. He dreams up new ways for book recommendations, segmenting audiences and targeting books at readers. He spoils us with his cooking talents.

Baldur Bjarnason, coder behind the Jellybooks “Reader Analytics” software (candy.js). All round ePub guru, too. Moonlighted for Jellybooks while working for Unbound and now works for the Rebus foundation. Notorious for his weird ring tones, which we are told are Icelandic folk songs.

Ivan Shutovitch, our email guru. He developed the responsive email design for Jellybooks and helps us out from time tom time with tricky HTML questions. Andrew and Ivan can regularly be found at the BFI Imax watching the latest SciFi flix.

Gary Aston, our HMTL and CSS wizard. He made the Jellybooks web app look splendid and used to slap Andrew on the fingers when he doesn’t sketch the simplest and most intuitive user experience possible. He is not to be confused with an Oompa Loompa. He makes much more splendid candy. He now works on making English governments services awesome and easy to use.

Ismael Celis, is our Latin Javascript ninja. Most of Jellybooks was written in Ruby on Rails and he is the ninja who wrote most of the original code pretty much bug free. Way to go!

Niall Mullaly, Bambino No. 2 and our Ruby-slippered rock star. If Ismael didn’t write the Ruby on Rails or Javascript code, then Niall probably did. 

Jamie Booker, designer. Like the look of Jellybooks? Think those buttons and icons are adorable?  They were all handcrafted by Jamie, the human part of We Are Human.

Johan, the more apish part of the We Are Human duo. Slaps Andrew’s other hand (the one Gary hasn’t slapped) when Andrew makes a brand or aesthetic faux pas.

The sweet rebel nationalities are American, Australian, Austrian, Chilean, Belarussian, British, Danish, Icelandic, Irish and Norwegian.