The Jellybooks DISCOVERY Platform for Booksellers

Engage more deeply with readers and boost your sales by leveraging the Jellybooks DISCOVERY platform.

This is a cutting-edge toolset for bookshops and retailers developed by Jellybooks in partnership with Blackwell’s Books.

It is totally free for bookshops and book sellers!

Boost sales and pre-orders

Enriching online product pages with samples is a proven tactic for generating more sales.

  • Give readers the opportunity to discover and browse books in more depth with free online content excerpts that stimulate their desire to buy books you feature.
  • Provide readers with instant access to sample chapters on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices that draw them deeper into the content.
  • Use our QR code feature to offer “scan and read” access to content excerpts on bookmarks, posters, shop windows and other physical touchpoints.

Use on your homepage, product pages, and blog

We provide samples, excerpts and snippets as simple click & read links (URLS) that can be used in many different ways - the choice is yours!

  • Use the URLs as links on your web page for readers to click & read samples.
  • Or configure the links as “sample”, “preview”, or “peek inside” buttons.
  • Or connect the links to the book’s cover image on your web page.
  • Or use our “peek inside” web modal (“pop-up window”).

Our “peek inside” feature works like Amazon’s “look inside” feature. Unlike Amazon, Jellybooks Peek Inside leverages the industry-standard ePub format with all the reader-friendly features of ePub including re-flowable text, accessibility support for disadvantaged readers as well as day and night modes.

Use in email newsletter and on social media

Make your email newsletters and social media interactive and more engaging with free content samples that have integrated buy buttons to your online or physical shop.

  • Enhance your emails and newsletters by inserting a sample link whenever you recommend or discuss s a book giving readers the opportunity to click & read a sample right away.
  • You can also use the sample links in social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to share samples of books you are recommending or promoting with your readers.
  • Each sample features a buy button at the end of the sample that takes readers to your bookshop pages (or your pages on – it’s your choice!)

Use for physical touch points

QR codes make free content accessible offline with “scan & read”.

  • Use our sample links as QR codes on physical touchpoints
  • Create bookmarks with links to samples and previews for upcoming releases. Why not include these bookmarks in orders you deliver direct or as giveaways in your bookshop?
  • Use the QR code on displays, posters, and a wide-range of point-of-sale materials for your customers and drawing them into great content.

Samples that are customised for you

These are samples that feature a buy button back to your shop. They are unique to you!

  • You can customise the buy button at the end of each sample to link to your shop or product pages!
  • The pre-order or buy buttons link to the product pages that you configure using the Jellybooks Bookshop portal or our API.
  • The buy and pre-order buttons appear in a variety of colours that you can specify.
  • A customisable buy button at the end of each preview directs readers back to your shop so they place order through your store or your shop, if you prefer.
  • All sales and transactions go through your online or physical shop.
  • There is NO affiliate fee or commission payable to Jellybooks.
  • You own the customer relationship.

Developed by Jellybooks with bookshops for bookshops

The Jellybooks DISCOVERY and PREVIEW platform has been developed in partnership with Blackwell’s with support from the UK government through Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency.

Used by some of Britain’s most forward-thinking bookshops including Book-ish in Wales, Forum Books in the Northeast for England, Golden Hare Books in Scotland, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Somerset and the Kew Bookshop in London.

Please click the purple button below to request your own Jellybooks bookshop VIP account and gain access to samples customised for your bookshop.

About the Jellybooks Cloud Reader

The Jellybooks Cloud Reader is a fully fledged cloud-based ePub reader that is at the heart of the DISCOVERY and PREVIEW platform.

  • offers readers click & read access to samples, excerpts and snippets.
  • supports narrative books (re-flowable ePub), illustrated books (fixed layout ePub) and audiobooks (MP3).
  • offers readers the opportunity to try before they buy.
  • requires no app installation & no files to be downloaded.
  • can be used on most smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, Internet kiosks and browser-enabled devices.
  • All the accessibility and user benefits of reflowable text including variable fonts and night/day mode, without the drawbacks of static PDF and HTML based excerpts.
  • Browser-based reading system using the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.

Jellybooks is a UK-based company registered at 19 Villa Road, Brixton, London SW9 7ND with Company House number 7503460 and VAT registration number GB-128-7769-67.

Jellybooks is an associate member of the following industry associations:

This service was developed with financial support from Innovate UK and Arts Council England.