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Pinterest for Authors

You might already be a total Pinterest addict or you might react “oh, yet another social network”.

Well Pinterest is radically different from Twitter or Facebook in that is all about images and it appeals to the collector’s instinct in us, which makes it incredibly addictive.

The nice thing about Pinterest is that there are a lot of users who love reading books, we are talking the one-book-week voracious reader, so the perfect place to expand your author platform.

First of all you should create a Pinterest page in your name and use it convey some of your personality and passion to readers.

In exceptional cases you might wish to create a ”business page” for one of your books or a books series, but we would only recommend doing that, if you can build an entire “world” or ecosystem around it. For example, if you have written a historic novel set in Victorian England, you might have a couple of boards exploring Victorian architecture, clothes, etc. If you have written a travel book on Latin America, you might have a couple of boards on the geography, culture, people, landmark buildings etc of South America. Well you get the picture…

You don’t have to restrict your personal author page on Pinterest to focus only on pins related directly to your posts. Readers are interested in you as an author, so if there are causes you champion or things you are passionate about and that you want to share with the world, then Pinterest is a great place to that.

Whereas tweets and posts on Facebook fade very quickly, pins on Pinterest are like photo albums. They get looked at time and time again. They have a long shelf life which means they keep engaging visitors, which is one the elements that makes Pinterest so powerful.

You should of course create a board of all your books or “weave in” you book covers into you other boards where appropriate. With Jellybooks that is really easy and we place a “sample” button underneath your covers to encourage visitors to download a sample of your book.

With the Jellybooks audience engagement board for VIP users, you can also see, how many of your books were sampled via Pinterest and when.

Of course you can also visit the Jellybooks Pinterest page for inspiration. We have boards on the most beautiful libraries, quixotic book stores, lovely places to read, book shelves and off course our immensely popular book community board which has attracted over 100,000 pins from book worms and is followed by over 30,000 passionate readers.