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Help readers fall in love with books using book widgets for easy access to ebook samples. Try it for yourself by sampling Paula Brackston’s “The Witch’s Daughter”:

Book widgets provide access to books samples hosted in the cloud by Jellybooks. Readers can download these samples to the app or gadget of their choice with a single click. It’s almost as easy as using a “tweet” or “like” button. Book widgets can be placed on blogs, web sites or homepages by people with no knowledge of HTML. If you know how to use Tumblr or Wordpress, you can use a Jellybooks widget.

Use cases

A great blog post might pick a readers interest in a book. Convert that interest into action!

A reader visits a publisher’s website and discovers an interesting book, but isn’t yet convinced to buy that book. Don’t let that interest fade away, instead let them grab a sample!

A reader wants to recommend a book to a friend and, to give them a taste of the book, they want to send them a sample, too. Help them do so!

Nothing gets readers hooked on a book like a sample. Make it easy to download and share book samples!

Plus with our widgets you can see how many users download or shared a sample and judge the impact of your blog, promotion or feature.

Advantages for bloggers, reviewers, journalists, etc:

  • Easy access to the books mentioned in blogs, reviews, articles, etc.
  • Visitor is not directed to another site
  • Widgets are platform and retailer-neutral (no hint of Amazon bias)
  • Access to analytics on reader engagement (number of downloads, shares, etc. )

Advantages for readers

  • 1-click access to book samples for later reading
  • No searching on Google or Amazon to find and bookmark titles
  • Easy way to share with friends (no DRM barriers)

Advantages for authors, agents and publishers

  • Free and easy way of providing book samples on own website
  • No Amazon lock-in
  • Increase book discovery across a wide range of blogs, web and news sites
  • Measure which bloggers, reviewers, journalists are creating engagement

Who can use Jellybooks Widgets?

To access widgets you need to be a PRO or VIP users.

Pro Memberships is for bloggers, rewires, authors, agents, publishers and anybody else with a professional interest in books.

VIP membership is reserved for those who want to directly uploaded their books to the Jellyfactory

Once you activate your PRO (or VIP) membership, you will see change in the Jellybooks tool bar from:

Pro account


Pro account

Finding a Title

You can search for titles by clicking on the PRO icon to activate the sub-navigation menu, which includes a search button.


Or you can find titles by publisher by visiting


Accessing the Widget Code

You can access the widget code for any book on Jellybooks (not just your own) by clicking on the cover and clicking on the purple “embed” button, but you must be logged-in as PRO users.

book detail

The purple engagement button for buying books turns into the “embed” button Clicking it takes the PRO user to the widget page for that title, where they are presented with 6 choices:

book detail

Widget Versions

There are six widget versions in total. Three without cover (120, 160 and 300 pixels wide):

widget code

and 3 with cover (also 120, 160 and 300 pixels wide):

widget code

Using the widgets is a sample matter of copy/pasting the four lines of code.

Placing Widgets

The step-by step guide for placing a widget on Tumblr is:

  1. Copy the widget code for the book and widget version you have selected
  2. Click on the Dashboard profile of your Tumblr blog
  3. Click on the “Aa” text button
  4. Click on the “html” button
  5. Paste the widget code into the box
  6. Click publish

The step-by step guide for placing a widget on Wordpress is:

  1. Copy the widget code for the book and widget version you have selected
  2. Log into Wordpress and create a new post
  3. Select the “Text” mode
  4. Paste the widget code into the desired position within the post
  5. Click publish

Widget Analytics

Widget analytics will be available very soon though your PRO or VIP dashboard. Just click on the PRO or VIP button with the purple circle in the main navigation menu to access.

Last Page

So the reader has completed the sample (fist 10% of book) and now wants to buy the book? We make the purchasing process friction-less with a purple buy link on the last page of the sample (and this works also in our .mobi files that we send out via “Send to Kindle”).

last page