Jellybooks ARC for Publishers

Data-smart distribution for online review copies

Jellybooks ARC is a new and easy-to-use platform for distributing digital review copies directly to readers, reviewers, influencers, bloggers and booksellers.

The platform offers online, user-friendly access to review copies, proofs and galleys on smartphones, tablets and connected devices, including selected e-Ink readers.

This is a secure way of distributing review copies with no option for recipients to download or share the ebook files and access expiring automatically after 90 days.

The service is environmentally friendly, reduces cost, saves on postage and replaces the undesirable practice of sending out unsolicited print copies that may go unread or end up on second-hand retail sites.

1. Easy, secure access and distribution

  • Review copies that are easily accessed via stand-alone URLs (web links).
  • A unified platform that supports narrative, illustrated and audio titles across a broad range of devices including smart phones and tablets.
  • Reader access expires automatically after 90 days eliminating the risk of physical review copies being sold on second-hand retail sites and cutting into sales.

Reach out to more influencers and reviewers than ever before.

2. Cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Low cost makes it affordable to distribute digital review copies more widely for any title.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable by cutting down on shipping, waste and unsolicited print review copies.
  • Major savings in postage and printing costs compared to physical distribution.

No risk of ever running out of review copies again.

3. Great User Experience

  • Leverage all the accessibility and user benefits of the ePub format and provide readers with a superior user experience compared to PDF-based galleys.
  • Instant access to review copies for booksellers, media, bloggers and influencers across international markets.
  • Leverage our automated nudge platform that uses reading data to remind reviewers by email to start, finish or review a book.

Great for securing advance quotes, reader blurbs, and peer recommendations.

Bonus Features

Jellybooks is an associate member of the following industry associations: