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ORCA by Jellybooks

online review copy service (for publishers)

ORCA is a new, affordable, multi-format, and easy-to-use online platform for distributing digital review copies and proofs directly to readers, reviewers, influencers, bloggers and booksellers.


  1. With prices starting as low as twenty pounds (£20) per title, you can afford to use this service for your entire front list and all your upcoming releases whether they are narrative, illustrated or audio titles and circulate to as many contacts as you wish.
  2. Easy-to-use, one-click-and-read access to narrative, illustrated and audio titles for reviewers, bloggers, influencers and the book trade via the Jellybooks Cloud Reader.
  3. Secure distribution through email and newsletter links with no possibility of titles being downloaded or printed. Reader access expires automatically after 90 days. No risk of physical review copies being sold online or on second-hand book sites and cutting into your sales.
  4. Major savings in postage and printing costs compared to physical distribution.
  5. Ideal for publicity, marketing, sales and editorial teams working remotely.

Extra Benefits:

  1. Operate more sustainably by avoiding unnecessary waste.
  2. Great for securing advance quotes, reader blurbs, peer recommendations and more.
  3. Have Jellybooks nudge those laggards who haven’t started or finished their review copy yet!
  4. Understand if recipients start, read and finish their copies.
  5. Free use until 31 March courtesy of Arts Council England.

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For more information visit our online review copy access service for publishers (Jellybooks ORCA) pages with details on pricing, technical specifications, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).