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DISCOVERY for bookshops

new online peek-inside feature for book browsing

Sign up for the exciting new Jellybooks DISCOVERY platform that will give your shop the ability to feature book excerpts and audiobook snippets on your webpages, as well in social media, email newsletters and in store.

Developed in partnership with Blackwell’s and financially supported by the UK government via Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency, the goal is to provide UK and Irish bookshops with best-in-class digital tools to create a more exciting book discovery and shopping experience for readers.

  1. 1. Samples, Excerpts and Snippets Boost Sales
    • Provide instant access to sample chapters on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices wherever readers discover books.
    • The cloud-based preview functionality supports online book browsing, allowing consumers instant one click access to featured books.
    • Give readers the opportunity to discover narrative, illustrated and audiobooks in more depth and stimulate their desire to buy.
    • Online product pages with samples are proven to generate more sales.
  2. How You Can Use
    • Create customised look-inside features on your online book pages, email newsletters, blog and social media.
    • One-click-to-read links for use in your email and social media campaigns.
    • QR code version functionality for in-store, shop windows, in-store posters and more.
    • The service is free!
  3. Customised for your Needs
    • Customise with buy or click & collect buttons, unique to your store, at the end of each book sample.
    • The service is designed to support your online presence and customer engagement. All sales and transactions go through your online or physical shop.
    • You own the customer relationship.


For more information visit the Jellybooks DISCOVERY for Retailers page.

Supported by financial funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s Innovation agency.