there is a story behind every book

Identifying Your Audience and Positioning Your Book

One aspect of reader analytics is that Jellybooks asks each participating test reader to provide their age and gender.

We highlighted earlier, that you can view the completion graph for your book chapter by chapter. Well the completion graph is also fully interactive. You can view it for woman or men only, as well as by age group, such as those under 35, between 35 and 45 and those over 45. This allows you to spot if a particular demographic is more strongly engaged with your book compared to another demographic. The goal is to zoom in on the key audience for your book.

You can also see if your readers are more likely to read on smartphones or on tablets, at what time of day, if they are weekday or weekend readers and much more.

The surveys also provide you with a detailed look at what readers think about your book and surveys often tell their own “story”. Feedback is provided privately, meaning readers are much more frank and open, but we also ask for the feedback at the point where readers have finished the book or given up on it meaning that memories are still fresh.