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RADAR by Jellybooks

reader analytics, data, and audience research

Jellybooks RADAR offers publishers the ability to gather detailed audience insights.

We provide affordable market research that is title-specific to publishers of fiction and narrative non-fiction for readers aged thirteen years and up.

As part of a Jellybooks RADAR campaign, we conduct audience research for single titles with focus groups of 300 to 800 test readers whom we provide with a specially modified ebook that records their reading and engagement data.

We also undertake multi-title campaigns with online focus groups of between 1,000 to 3,000 participants allowing multiple titles to be tested and compared quantitatively. Jellybooks RADAR is an upgraded version of the classical “reader analytics” by Jellybooks as featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist, and The Bookseller.


  • Jellybooks RADAR provides publishers with clear, actionable data and insights.
  • Jellybooks RADAR gives you detailed demographic segmentation by gender, age and reader interest on who is reading, finishing and most likely to recommend your book.
  • Discover where to position an upcoming book, which cover readers engage with or why a recent hardback launch was not a successful as expected to help realign your paperback.
  • The service helps you understand whether a book has mass market potential and will engage a wide range of audiences or if it’s best targeted at a niche of genre readers.
  • For titles that perform well with test readers, Jellybooks RADAR gives you the data and confidence to ramp up a campaign to a wider audience to achieve maximum impact.
  • Secure snappy marketing copy, ideal for social media marketing and pitching to the trade, from readers by asking how they would describe and recommend your book to friends in one- or two-sentence descriptions.
  • Data and audience insights will help you target your online marketing and publicity campaigns more accurately, reach the right readers and utilise your resource to maximum effect! A Jellybooks RADAR analysis costing a few hundred pounds can help you save thousands of pounds in misdirected publicity and marketing expense and effort and avoid costly blunders.
  • With Jellybooks RADAR you can find out the profile of readers who drop out before finishing (readers-not-be-targeted) and why. Jellybooks RADAR identifies the readers to target and how to avoid the naysayers and detractors.
  • Data helps reach consensus between editorial, sales and marketing and is ideal for use in trade pitches and presentations. Show booksellers the impact your book is having on readers with actual engagement data.

For more information on how RADAR works and how publishers can use Jellybooks RADAR visit our detailed description of Jellybooks RADAR.

Standard prices for Jellybooks RADAR range from £390 to £990 per book tested, including test reader recruitment, and with special discounts available for IPG members. Visit the IPG member benefits pages from April onwards for further details.

Secure your free Jellybooks RADAR campaign by signing up before 31 May 2021. Available to IPG, ALPSP, PA and BMS members, subject to available capacity and at the discretion of Jellybooks. We have reserved thirty campaigns exclusively for the first thirty IPG members who sign up by 31 March 2021.

Free use of this service is made possible by a grant from Arts Council England.

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