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Book Cover of Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (ISBN: )
Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift The captivating tale of Gulliver’s journeys through many strange lands has been hugely popular since it was first published in 1726. Our hapless sea voyager encounters several intriguing hidden civilisations including kingdoms of tiny people, giants, talking horses and even a flying island. These playful adventures offer a satirical look at human nature as the hero encounters multiple alternative societies making it one of the most beloved and enduring adventure stories of all time.
Book Cover of Erewhon by Samuel Butler (ISBN: )
Erewhon Samuel Butler Anyone who loves Victorian fiction will be captivated by the way Erewhon satirizes the practices and values of the 19th century. The novel’s title is an anagram of the word “nowhere” and it was first published anonymously in 1872. Samuel Butler’s intriguing imaginary society offers a counterpoint to ideas about criminality, the welfare state and advanced technology. This novel’s depiction of a highly suspect civilisation also highly influenced George Orwell before he wrote his classic dystopian novel 1984.
Book Cover of Utopia by Thomas More (ISBN: )
Utopia Thomas More Imagine an island state in the New World where a voyager named Raphael discovers an agricultural society with no private property, no unemployment and every household has two slaves. This influential and imaginative story challenges our ideas about what a perfect civilization might look like. Thomas More’s ambitious novel was first published in 1516 and established a genre of writing which critiques and offers alternative world views from present-day society.
Book Cover of Mizora by Mary E. Bradley Lane (ISBN: )
Mizora Mary E. Bradley Lane In the late 19th century a new wave of utopian fiction become popular and Mizora marks one of the first examples of an all-female self-sufficient society. It’s a fantastical tale about an exiled princess who happens upon a feminist society hidden within the earth and her time there learning about their culture. This novel first published in serial form in 1880 uniquely anticipates future technologies and plays off from many political events of the day. Its author concealed from her husband the fact she was writing about a world that’s better off without men.
Book Cover of Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (ISBN: )
Herland Charlotte Perkins Gilman Prominent feminist and advocate of social reform Charlotte Perkins Gilman offers a radically alternative view of civilization with this depiction of an isolated society composed entirely of women. First published in 1915, its ideas about self sufficient women who no longer have to depend on male breadwinners struck a chord with the Suffragette movements of the time. However, the novel was largely forgotten in the mid-20th century until newfound interest in Gilman’s writing catapulted this fascinating story to the status of a feminist utopian classic.
Book Cover of The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish (ISBN: )
The Blazing World Margaret Cavendish English aristocrat Margaret Cavendish was a pioneer of the 17th century both in her taste for high fashion and her cerebral pursuits in philosophy and science. These interests heavily influenced this tremendous novel first published in 1666 and which is considered one of the earliest examples of science fiction. Follow a young woman’s fantastical journey as she discovers a mysterious kingdom in the arctic where she rules as supreme empress over the many species of talking animals there.

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